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Seeing Like a State Overview "Seeing Like a State" by James C. Scott…

We — the software development community — need to overcome our…

In their book "Cracking Complexity", David Benjamin and David Komlos…

Summary Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents a modern…

Cloud Native Patterns by Cornellia Davis is about defining the cloud…












February 04, 2024

Over the past several years I've made it a mission to forge an interdisciplinary team ethos and supporting working model. An "Interdisciplinary Team" is all about finding the sweet spot between doing your own thing and working together.

January 19, 2024

Seeing Like a State by James C. Scott critically examines the ideology that leads to centralized planning, the disregard for local systems, and ultimately failure and devestating consequences. The book offers insights into the dangers of overreliance on top-down approaches and the importance of local knowledge in governance.

December 14, 2023strategy

Having a "genuine" vision refers to a deeply held and authentic aspiration or goal that resonates strongly with the members of an…

September 20, 2023

ChatSG introduces new features - Trending Topics and Government Website Search, enhancing user experience. These features highlight the synergy between technology and human knowledge, ensuring users receive timely updates and can easily access reliable official government websites, reducing reliance on unverified sources.

September 18, 2023

Facing a software programming skills shortage, businesses are turning to global hiring strategies. Safeguard Global expanded its tech team fourfold using a geography-unbound approach, tapping into talent from 22 countries, including regions like Turkey. This diverse approach resulted not only in team growth but also in increased product releases and improved quality. For a successful global team, companies should prioritize talent quality over cost and be open to diverse experiences and flexible work models.

September 16, 2023

At Safeguard Global, we’re on a journey of continuous exploration. I couldn’t be more proud of the creativity, innovation, and vision that…

August 30, 2023ai

In a recent episode of the "PeopleTech" podcast, I had a discussion with Mark Feffer about the evolution and prominence of AI in the HR and business landscapes. I emphasized how AI has discreetly been part of our daily lives for a while but has only now begun to truly captivate the global audience, spurring a burst of innovation. I also introduced our latest endeavor at Safeguard Global, ChatSG, an AI application grounded in natural language processing that taps into our expansive HR expertise spanning 170 countries.

January 13, 2023product management

A rundown of several ROI measures, common costs and benefits, and a few things I like to keep in mind when going through this exercise.

November 11, 2022teamworkremote workorg design

Technology leaders long assumed that physical proximity is critical to innovation and outsourcing is for grunt work. Safeguard CTO Duri Chitayat, says hiring developers everywhere will give you surprising results. With the right strategy, borderless development teams excel.

August 18, 2022teamworkremote work

Speaking with William from the Use Case Podcast about how Safeguard Global enables Global Talent through Technology, Local Market Expertise, and Service

June 05, 2022agileorg design

Agile organizations are team-first. Experts work together cross-functionally, and take independent action aligned to objectives. Traditional organizations focus on senior individuals who are responsible for directing activity to people at "lower levels" of the organization.

June 02, 2022

The announcement that Tesla employees return to the office or be fired is an interesting move for a company that prides itself on innovation…

May 30, 2022agileproduct

A good demo is quick (minutes). If you have a lot of features, break up the demo by user scenarios. Spend time on only the important information. Most importantly, get engagement from the audience.

April 10, 2021microservicesarchitectureprogrammingjava

The case for why Microservice architectural style is a good fit for large, complex applications, and some of the important patterns that can be used to implement and maintain it.

January 29, 2021communicationteamwork

I like to work synchronously and accompany conversations with white boarding or some simple visuals. Somehow using multiple comms channels…

January 10, 2021complexityteamwork

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents a modern approach to leading organizations that are responsive and adaptive - two qualities critical when facing into a complex environment.

January 01, 2021clouddevopsmicroservices

Cloud Native Patterns by Cornellia Davis is about defining the cloud native term as a set of application development priorities towards fault-tolerance, availability, and scalability. In it, the author explains several popular design patterns for designing cloud native applications.

December 11, 2020studyquantum

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology designed to perform complex computations in a fraction of the time it takes a classical supercomputer. Underneath this promise lies a solid technological, engineering, and scientific value proposition that can disrupt existing markets and support the emergence of new socio-technical systems that were previously unimaginable.

November 01, 2020architecture

System Design Interview was written by Alex Xu initially as a guide to the System Design Interview and later as more of a survey of the essential concepts and patterns that one might use in high level software architecture design.

October 23, 2020case-studytransformation

A case and analysis of GE’s FastWorks initiative. Borrowing concepts from Silicon Valley titans like Eric Ries, FastWorks sought to redefine how GE identified, executed, and financed products. What happened?

September 29, 2020systems thinkingdevops

Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais detail an approach plus useful patterns for software development organizations moving from a siloed org chart, to value-oriented system, to ultimately a dynamic evolving system.

September 13, 2020clouddevOps

Site Reliability Engineering explains how Google runs production systems at scale. It is a compilation of articles which balance theory and practice. It is a companion to generalized DevOps theory, showing what a digital native DevOps implementation looks like.

October 21, 2018agileretrospectives

Agile practices include holding regular retrospectives, blameless port-mortems, and open town-halls. These forums have their benefits and their drawback.

June 30, 2018

There is a difference between empathy and compassion. If our goal is to understand then we empathize. If our goal is to care then we feel compassion.

April 18, 2018agiledevops

The DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, & John Willis presents the goals, principles, culture, and high-priority technical practices of DevOps.

January 11, 2018entrepreneurshiptransformation

Eric Ries in The Startup Way - an enterprise focused successor to The Lean Startup - argues that innovation is a management discipline that can be developed in Large Established Organizations.

April 19, 2017agileleadership

Problem solving is important, but the ultimate problem solver is a team with Momentum. If we consider what momentum is, then we might be able to develop it.

March 06, 2017agileproduct

The product development backlog is a big, bloated, unwieldy, mix of ideas. These "like to haves" and low priority improvements are a cognitive pollution that needs to go.

December 10, 2016presentationproduct

This presentation applies systems thinking to explain the common anti-pattern that promotes an addiction to busy work. I draw a lot from the Build Trap and Stephan Bungay's Art of Action.

September 09, 2016presentationleadership

"Lead with Intent" is at the core of most modern leadership philosophies. However most managers are still confused on exactly how to do it…

June 30, 2016leadership

[caption id="attachment_1770" align="aligncenter" width="487"]Tuckman's Stages of Team Development Tuckman's Stages of Team Development…

June 16, 2016

Words cannot express my gratitude to the amazing people I've worked with over the last 3 and a half years at Pixafy and Net@Work. Wish i had…

April 30, 2016books

Fantasy appreciates the limitations of normal perception and re-imagines the human condition. It tests our belief in things that are…

September 12, 2015quote

Programming is a craft. At its simplest, it comes down to getting a computer to do what you want it to do (or what your user wants it to do…

August 18, 2015leadership

The New York Times article titled “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” ignited a lot of debate over the weekend. One…

February 22, 2015entrepreneurshipbusiness-model-canvasstrategy

This post is part of the series: Managing the Professional Service Firm. Managers of professional service firms face many challenges. This…

January 25, 2015template

This post is part of a series called Managing the Professional Service Firm. Managers of professional service firms face many challenges…

January 05, 2015leadership

This post is part of a series called Managing the Professional Service Firm. Managers of professional service firms face many challenges…

July 21, 2014entrepreneurshipleadershipa3-thinkingtemplate

A3 Thinking is a great way to diagnose problems  and communicate an action plan in a concise and easy to communicate format that is (among…

April 09, 2014life

Expectation, that is the true soul of art. If you can give a man more than he expects then he will laud you his entire life. If can create…

November 13, 2013designwebsite

Post-Impression Hudson, a new "Look", just launched today on We See Beauty. This is a site we're very proud of and it has a lot to do with…

October 16, 2013lifeinfographic

According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success, it takes someone 10,000 hours of practice to perfect a skill, so the…

October 09, 2013ecommerce

Working on tightening up my user stories, i came across this pretty decent video by Rally. It weaves in their a bit much APP but still a…

May 04, 2013designlogo

[gallery type="square" size="full" ids="1075,1076,1077"] These are some Jawa logos I had fun creating.

December 26, 2012websiteecommerce

Completed this client project including this custom Shopify website today, some graphic design, and general ecommerce consulting. Very happy…

December 26, 2012design

A new logo concept design I'm working on for a client. Comments welcome!

November 13, 2012designecommerceentrepreneurshippixelated-solutionswebsite

So in response to feedback and analytics we decided to make some changes to the Pixelated Solutions website design. The primary updates…

October 23, 2012ecommerceentrepreneurshippixelated-solutions

The Challenge Starting from Monday October 29th I'm taking on an SEO challenge: I will work hard for 45 days to gain serious SEO cred for my…

October 23, 2012entrepreneurship

Great video about visualizing a business model, an important step i'm going through at the moment. It makes talking about it easier and…

August 13, 2012

I'm working on a campaign for a new Initiative called Trillion Watt Project. The mission is to save the planet more than 1 Trillion Watts…

July 24, 2012ecommerce

These days it seems like every day I meet someone starting a business with a revolutionary new business model to reshape the product…

July 24, 2012tutorials

Great tut on how to create responsive websites. I have been doing some research on this since a lot of the Javascript gits a la 2009 don't…

July 17, 2012ecommercewebsite

[gallery size="full" type="square" ids="905,891,895,896,897,898,899,904"] Comments Welcome

June 11, 2012ecommerceconferencelean-startup

Here is a quick picture of of the Warmup last Thursday. It was in preparation of a weekend-long machup / convention / live-world-experiment…

May 31, 2012china

I know that everyone in China has experienced this often. You go to google, type in your search term, and get your results (sometimes…

May 25, 2012ecommerceconference

ScrumGathering. Its June 7-9 .. hardcore types .. good lineup of speakers. a litle pricey but worth it. A number of the presentations will…

May 16, 2012ecommerce

Wondering what Black Hat SEO is and how its changed over time? Here you go. "Black Hat SEO Evolution"

May 08, 2012ecommerce

Those who know me know I love Google. I'm the guy that uses google chrome. Wears google tshirts. And sets his browser search to google even…

April 25, 2012conference

Just returned from a great night of Pecha Kucha sponsored by Dutch Design week in Shanghai. First i have to say it was an awesome crowd. I…

March 31, 2012life

I think I can safely say I'm going to like this.

March 21, 2012ecommerceconference

Okay so SXSW Interactive is over, it was by all accounts awesome... AND I MISSED IT. Darn. It hosts the cutting edge startups and…

March 20, 2012website

This project is a work in progress. Looking forward to getting it up for everyone to see

February 18, 2012

Groopti Gorilla Marketing cards were designed to be dropped in Coffee shops and other meeting places nearby design schools and design events…

February 09, 2012video

Created this video introduction of the concept behind Groopti together with the help of my Groopti team and our good friends at Kino Corp…

January 25, 2012grooptiphotography

We developed a good number of new furniture designs at Groopti crowd-sourced from independent designers in more than 12 countries across the…

January 01, 2012

DeliciouslyDone is the personal blog of the very trendy and lovely Holly Kim (aka LittleMissShanghai). Role: Website and Logo Design…

September 18, 2011brandinggroopti

This booklet was designed as a welcome to Groopti. Not quite a manifesto and not quite a branding book, it is in between conveying the…

June 18, 2011designbrandingfabricgroopti

Fabric Swatches designed to send as samples to potential customers. [gallery link="file" columns="3"]

May 11, 2011groopti

The Groopti website was a great team effort that brought together branding, UX, design, testing, and community feedback. The Website went…

May 01, 2011design

Role: Brand Interpreter, Lead Project Manager The Groopti Brand came together as a big team effort from Eitan Chitayat (Groopti Partner and…

April 18, 2011designgroopti

[gallery link="file" size="medium" type="rectangular" ids="840,841,842,839"]

January 18, 2011ecommercewebsite

Flash based identity site for my product development startup, DAORAD LLC.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="rand"]

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