Book Summaries and Reviews

I write summaries and reviews of books that I have strong reactions to. Here are a few.

Fantasy Complexity Agile

January 10, 2021bookteamwork

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents a modern approach to leading organizations that are responsive and adaptive - two qualities critical when facing into a complex environment.

January 01, 2021clouddevopsmicroservices

Cloud Native Patterns by Cornellia Davis is about defining the cloud native term as a set of application development priorities towards fault-tolerance, availability, and scalability. In it, the author explains several popular design patterns for designing cloud native applications.

November 01, 2020architecture

System Design Interview was written by Alex Xu initially as a guide to the System Design Interview and later as more of a survey of the essential concepts and patterns that one might use in high level software architecture design.

September 13, 2020clouddevOps

Site Reliability Engineering explains how Google runs production systems at scale. It is a compilation of articles which balance theory and practice. It is a companion to generalized DevOps theory, showing what a digital native DevOps implementation looks like.

April 18, 2018agiledevops

The DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, & John Willis presents the goals, principles, culture, and high-priority technical practices of DevOps.

January 11, 2018entrepreneurshiptransformation

Eric Ries in The Startup Way - an enterprise focused successor to The Lean Startup - argues that innovation is a management discipline that can be developed in Large Established Organizations.

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