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Here's a little about me. Creating this has helped me understand my thoughts better and I hope it will help us get along better. Important: this is not a substitute for actually getting to know eachother.

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Hi, I’m Duri. I am a seasoned engineering leader with experience across industries, geographies, and technologies. I’m a 🐈 herder, problem solver, and people amplifier. I enjoy supporting cross-functional agile teams to ship products that make life better for people.

I have a passion for transformation and innovation. I enjoy exploring the space between spaces, the edge, complexity, and wicked problems. I enjoy supporting award winning organizations to ship digital products that make life better for people. I am excited to foster teamwork to overcome the complex, dynamic challenges at the intersection of business, technology, and change.

I draw on a diverse set of disciplines to support a modern product / engineering organization. I believe in the need to nurture and balance disciplined delivery, creativity, exploration, and decisive response to new information. I study and advocate for the new ways of working including DevOps, Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, and Service Design.


Relationships: I believe we build informal relationships so that we can innovate. More rigid structures are better for predictable systems. Building strong trust-based relationships is harder, and takes longer, and requires understanding, patience, and deliberate practice.

Critical Thinking: I believe we create the greatest opportunity for insight when we challenge our deeply held assumptions. Conciously challenging those is a practice I cultivate in myself and admire in others.

Pluralism: I believe in the development and affirmation of diversity, the peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions, and lifestyles.

Experimentation: I believe when develop better context-dependent solutions when we anchor our assumptions in direct experience. Direct empirical evidence from small, safe-to-fail experiments is have 10x the value of general heuristics.

Integrity: I believe in the importance of strong character. For me that revolves around maintaining my compass to these values even when no one else is looking. Even when doing so is harder than the alternative.

Candor: I believe that sharing our thoughts takes courage. I try to do deliberately because false harmony is a barrier to progress.

Empathy: I believe people smarts develops from a deliberate practice of empathy. I try to have empathy for others so that my thoughts are clearly conveyed and interpreted. I appreciate the same consideration from others.

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