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January 13, 2023product management

A rundown of several ROI measures, common costs and benefits, and a few things I like to keep in mind when going through this exercise.

November 11, 2022teamworkremote workorg design

Technology leaders long assumed that physical proximity is critical to innovation and outsourcing is for grunt work. Safeguard CTO Duri Chitayat, says hiring developers everywhere will give you surprising results. With the right strategy, borderless development teams excel.

August 18, 2022teamworkremote work

Speaking with William from the Use Case Podcast about how Safeguard Global enables Global Talent through Technology, Local Market Expertise, and Service

June 05, 2022agileorg design

Agile organizations are team-first. Experts work together cross-functionally, and take independent action aligned to objectives. Traditional organizations focus on senior individuals who are responsible for directing activity to people at "lower levels" of the organization.

June 02, 2022

The announcement that Tesla employees return to the office or be fired is an interesting move for a company that prides itself on innovation…

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