Hi, I'm Duri

I’m a 🐈 herder, problem solver, and people amplifier. Here I post general musings about work and life. Consider everything work in process - myself included.

January 29, 2021communicationteamwork

I like to work synchronously and accompany conversations with white boarding or some simple visuals. Somehow using multiple comms channels…

January 10, 2021complexityteamwork

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents a modern approach to leading organizations that are responsive and adaptive - two qualities critical when facing into a complex environment.

January 01, 2021clouddevopsmicroservices

Cloud Native Patterns by Cornellia Davis is about defining the cloud native term as a set of application development priorities towards fault-tolerance, availability, and scalability. In it, the author explains several popular design patterns for designing cloud native applications.

December 11, 2020studyquantum

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology designed to perform complex computations in a fraction of the time it takes a classical supercomputer. Underneath this promise lies a solid technological, engineering, and scientific value proposition that can disrupt existing markets and support the emergence of new socio-technical systems that were previously unimaginable.

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