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I’m a 🐈 herder, problem solver, and people amplifier. Here I post general musings about work and life. Consider everything work in process - myself included.

April 10, 2021microservicesarchitectureprogrammingjava

The case for why Microservice architectural style is a good fit for large, complex applications, and some of the important patterns that can be used to implement and maintain it.

January 29, 2021communicationteamwork

I like to work synchronously and accompany conversations with white boarding or some simple visuals. Somehow using multiple comms channels…

January 10, 2021complexityteamwork

Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley McChrystal presents a modern approach to leading organizations that are responsive and adaptive - two qualities critical when facing into a complex environment.

January 01, 2021clouddevopsmicroservices

Cloud Native Patterns by Cornellia Davis is about defining the cloud native term as a set of application development priorities towards fault-tolerance, availability, and scalability. In it, the author explains several popular design patterns for designing cloud native applications.

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